epicRIDES DVDs are produced to exacting standards to work flawlessly on DVD and Computer players around the world.

1. Will epicRIDES DVDs play on my non-US DVD player? - The answer is most probably yes.

To get into more detail we must discuss two factors: television format and DVD region coding.

Television Format - PAL and NTSC are the two major television formats.

Japan, the USA and Canada use the NTSC format, which is what epicRIDES are produced in. The PAL TV format is used by Australia, the UK and European countries.

Practically all NTSC DVD's (including epicRIDES) will play fine throughout Australia, UK and Europe. This is because the DVD's and TV sets sold throughout these countries are dual PAL and NTSC compatible.

DVD Region Coding - DVDs contain Region Coding that allow it to play in a specific world region (North America, UK - Europe, etc.). epicRIDES DVDs are Region Coded 0, which means they will play in ALL world regions, so no problem here!

2. Will epicRIDES DVDs play on a non-US laptop or PC? - Yes, definitely. This is because the PAL-NTSC issue does not apply at all to computers. This is because a computer display screen is not a television set and your video card sends digital signals to it, not PAL or NTSC signals, so epicRIDES will play flawlessly on computers worldwide.

  • Note: We provide these tips for customer convenience only.