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8 Reasons You'll Love epicRIDES Virtual Cycling DVDs!

epicRIDES are the most amazing collection of virtual cycling videos optimized for use in indoor cycling and Spinning® classes, with home bicycle trainers and home exercise bikes. We have a loyal following of Instructors, Coaches, Cyclists and Exercisers around the world. Read on to see why they all love epicRIDES Virtual Cycling DVDs!
1. Amazing Locations
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There are a lot of great locations for cyclists to ride in and we are determined to film them all! We're traveling across the US and eventually Canada and the rest of the world to bring you the widest variety of virtual ride experiences!
2. Epic Routes
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epicRIDES Virtual Cycling DVDs are based on the best cycling and racing routes at each location. Routes that qualify for the term "Epic!" They're routes you would definitely want to ride if you traveled to that area. We even provide you a downloadable route map of each!
> Route Maps
3. Digital Dashboard
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Our clean, elegant Digital Dashboard keeps you oriented on your ride. There's a terrain profile with progress indicator. A countdown timer. Readouts showing average grade and training zone. So you'll always know where you are and what's up coming next! They're ideal for indoor cycling and Spinning® classes!
4. Beautiful, Wide-Screen Picture
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With a virtual ride we believe that it's all about the picture quality. That's why epicRIDES are shot in with high-end cameras at the 16:9 wide-screen format which makes them beautiful for viewing on your new flat screen TV or computer.
5. Training Guides
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Our virtual rides are designed to provide a range of real world challenges for your indoor training and to give you some options we provide a downloadable Training Guide to complement each epicRIDE.
> Training Guides
6. Companion Music Mixes
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We give you our original composition music with each epicRIDE, which many of our followers just love. And with our partnership with, we now give you a second music option using indie artists from around the world.
> Companion Music Mixes
7. Digital Downloads
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Now you can enjoy epicRIDES on your iTunes, iPad, iPhone, Touch, iPod, or similar device! Play epicRIDES full screen on your computer in iTunes! Get your rides instantly and save shipping costs!
8. PowerProfles
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PowerProfiles are downloadable time-based workout files that are compatible with Garmin Edge and Forerunner computers and programmable indoor trainers such as the CompuTrainer and CycleOps PowerBeam Pro and 400 Pro Indoor Trainer!
> PowerProfiles