set up your own virtual cycling home studio!

Virtual Cycling Studio
Serious cyclists train hard. It's something we get addicted to. It's something we live for.

When the weather is nice, we naturally prefer to train and ride outside.
But when bad weather creeps in, when it rains for days on end, when it's so cold and icy it's not fun or safe, when it's so hot you would bake riding outside, well... that's when it's time to move inside!

That's were
epicRIDES fit in.

epicRIDES take you on a virtual ride in some of the best riding country
around the U.S., Canada and around the world. They let you ride challenging routes, with serious riders like yourself.

Want some training guidance? We provide that too, with our downloadable Training Guides - there is one for each

But the difference is that with
epicRIDES there is nobody yelling instructions at you, no watching other riders suffering in a TV studio like on some of the other cycle training videos.

It's just you and the road - and some good music with our simple, elegant dashboard interface complementing the beautiful scenery of our epic ride locations!

In your garage, basement, bedroom, or dedicated home studio, indoor bicycle training is a great way to stay fit, loose weight, and keep your fitness over a long winter.

  • Work with ALL bike trainers
  • Digital Dashboard tells you where you are in the ride and how to train
  • Available as DVDS or Downloads
  • Downloadable Training Guides for each ride with three workouts
  • Downloadable PowerProfiles for Computrainer and CycleOps trainers
All the videos are great. The dashboard is wonderful. On this one specifically the count down clock is so helpful and a great addition. Great company, great products. You guys are the best. I'm a fan for life. You put out a video, I'll buy it no questions asked.
Janna, home trainer from Texas