Studio Owners - Get the competitive edge!

Competition is fierce out there in the fitness business and if you are not constantly evolving, improving, differentiating your club, you can bet your competition is!

So here's an easy way to make a big splash with a modest investment - start a Virtual Cycling program with epicRIDES !

All you need is a DVD player, an LCD projector or awesome flat screen TV, a white wall or screen. and, of course, epicRIDES! The equipment is relatively inexpensive today and easy to set up and run.

Presto! You're almost instantly differentiated your club from all the others.
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    Cycledelic Studio, Rochester, NY

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    Cycledelic Studio, Rochester, NY

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    Photos Wayne Panepinto


Join Our Virtual Cycling Studio Program

If you are an Instructor or Studio Owner using or planning to use epicRIDES for your classes, we want to support your efforts! To do that, we are offering the Virtual Cycling Studio Program. It provides member instructors and studios MANY special incentives and benefits, including:
• Virtual Cycling Studio Toolkit - Free Download!
• Discounts on DVDs and downloads
• Disk replacement program
• Discounts on indoor cycling clothing
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