Video Tutorials for PowerProfiles for Garmin Devices

Garmin Edge and Forerunner Cycle Computers models 300 and above have an Advanced Workout function which allows you to upload our PowerProfile workouts that sync with epicRIDES videos.

Developed by Sylvain Gravel of Quebec, Canada, these epicRIDES PowerProfiles give you the several workouts developed in our epicRIDES Training Guides as well as a Multi-part workout that syncs with the on-screen ride prompts. Sylvain is the software developer of the Sportracks Garmin Fitness Plugin which provides added capabilities over the Garmin Training Center software.

Sylvain has produced three video tutorials to guide your use of these PowerProfiles.

Download your epicRIDES matching PowerProfile, unzip the files and follow the video tutorials for uploading and use instructions.

Please note: For specific instructions on how to use Garmin Devices, Sportracks software, or the Sportracks Garmin Fitness Plugin please consult the manufacturer's websites.
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Sending Workouts to your Garmin Device

Explains the two methods of sending epicRIDES PowerProfile workouts to your Garmin Edge or Forerunner - via the Garmin Training Center or via the Sportracks Garmin Fitness Plugin.

Riding Workouts

Explains the two types of workouts we have devised to sync your Garmin workout to a specific epicRIDES videos - Training Guide Workouts (with TG in filename) and Step-by-Step workouts (with SBS in filename).

Multi-part Workouts

Garmin Edge and Forerunner cycle computers will hold a maximum of 20 workout steps. This tutorial shows how we've adapted epicRIDES PowerProfiles to this limitation to give you a detailed workout that syncs with the video.