Digital Download FAQs

Take your epicRIDES on the road with you wherever your go with a Digital Download! With a Digital Download you can get them instantly with a download link, save on shipping costs, and play on any iTunes compatible device.

  • What are the quality of Digital Downloads? - Our Digital Downloads have been optimized for iDevices such as the iPad, iPhone, iTouch, video iPod. They use the H.264 codec.

  • How do I purchase and install Digital Downloads? - You must purchase and download to your iDevice's "mother" computer, upload to iTunes on that computer and then upload to your iDevice via tethering. You can't download directly to an iDevice (iPad, iPhone, Touch, iPod).

  • Are Digital Downloads the same quality as your DVDs? - No, our epicRIDES DVDs are of higher quality then our Digital Downloads. That is because they are optimized for playback on DVD players and wide-screen televisions and Digital Downloads are optimized for iDevices. That said, many of our customers have said that our Digital Downloads look good even on larger televisions or projectors.

  • How long will it take to download a Digital Download? - DDLs are very large files - between 1 and 3 GB - and as such require a high bandwidth internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1, etc.). Dial-up won't cut it!

  • What file format are Digital Downloads? - Our Digital Downloads are .m4v or .mp4 (MPEG-4) digital video files which are guaranteed to be iTunes (PC or Mac) compatible.

  • Will Digital Downloads play at full screen? - Yes, Digital Downloads will play at full screen via iTunes.

  • Can I play my Digital Download on my TV? - Yes, if you have an Apple TV or AV (Video & Audio) Cable with iPod Plug you can play your DDL on your TV in any world video standard (NTSC, PAL or SECAM).

  • Will Digital Downloads work on PAL or SECAM televisions? - Yes, when you play them with the AV (Video & Audio) cable with iPod Plug.

  • Can Digital Downloads be shared on a home network? - Yes. Digital Downloads are compatible with all iTunes functionality (including the Apple TV device) including home network sharing.

  • Can Digital Downloads be burned to a DVD? - There are ways to burn Digital Downloads (.mp4 files) to a DVD but due to the many variables involved (PC platform, software, etc.) and constantly evolving nature of this area, we don't offer any specific advice here other than you may want to change the extension on your Digital Download file from .m4v to .mp4. We would also add that even though you might be able to make a DVD from our Digital Download, the quality of our original mastered DVD will be better.

  • What if I have a problem downloading a Digital Download? - In general, downloading problems often occur because of network and customer computer issues and are not related to our download server. The number of variables would test the most skilled IT technician. Depending on your operating system and configuration something as simple as a screen saver kicking in can stop your download. Different web browsers handle downloads differently as well. Please let us know if you have a download problem and we will try to help you resolve the issue.

  • What if I am still unable to download your Digital Download? - If you are still unable to download your epicRIDES Digital Download you can ask for a DVD upgrade and pay the difference plus shipping or you can simply request a refund. The option is yours. You can contact us via our Contact Form.

  • Note: We provide these tips for customer convenience only.